About #20Helps

Track the Impact

Each year around the holidays, 97th Floor runs an annual #20Helps campaign. It’s built around the idea that something as simple as 20 dollars can brighten a life or bring a smile to someone’s face. This year, the #20Helps Track the Impact platform allows you to see the good you can do with a single bill as you watch it travel through the lives of others. Download the app now to get started.

Scan your bill

  1. Grab a bill, write 20helps.com on it.
    • A 20 helps, but even a dollar will work
  2. Download the 20 Helps Track the Impact app
  3. Scan your bill

Add your story

Do something good for someone and then write about your experience.

See your impact

Check back into the app to see where your bill has traveled and the lives it has touched.


Find out how you can become a partner.

Download #20Helps Today

Make an impact, track the impact, download the app today.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to get involved, shoot us a message. Otherwise, grab some spare cash, download the app, and make your small impact on the universe.

Or you can email us at: 20helps@97thfloor.com